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Membership in this community is granted via invitation only. Which means that in order for you to join you need street cred!! Or someone in-game already to vouch for you.
Remember to be kind etc etc because we are all bros here and we gotta keep dis bromance goin'.
There is no activity check or silly nonsense like that. You may have as many characters as you like.
Fandom OCs are allowed, but only if they are not directly related to/have a relationship with canon characters (ie. Cloud's long-lost son or Arthas' best friend).
However there will be no canon characters & no self-inserts allowed!
Obvious but no godmodding! Not that this should really be a problem rofl
What about plots? Do we do those?
We do! Plots/actions that involve more than just the immediate area/affect things on a larger scale should be posted in the ooc comm to make sure everyone is hunky-dory with it! (ie. Summoning the underworld, crime, events that will affect others).